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Security Camera Maintenance & Support

Request for Proposals - CLOSED

Security Camera Maintenance & Support
Request for Proposals - CLOSED

Agency Decision issued November 21, 2023

October 16, 2023 - November 17, 2023

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  • What is the current VMS?
    Support of the VMS is out of scope for this agreement and is being withheld as a security precaution.
  • Are existing problems ie. bad cameras. cabling, etc. excluded from this scope? Or is it to be assumed anything not working will be encompassed into this agreement and repaired from day one under the agreement terms?
    A small subset of cameras (58 as of 10/26/2023) have issues (black screen, cloudy lens, incorrect location data) and repairs are actively being addressed, either through replacement or other means.  It is LCSO’s intent to have the vast majority of issues resolved by the time this agreement is put in place.  Outstanding camera issues not addressed when the agreement takes effect will be considered in-scope.  Per the RFP, the selected vendor will be given the opportunity to validate the condition and health of the in-scope cameras, as well as a detailed inventory identifying all installed cameras and those deemed as Critical. 
  • Is it possible to provide a remote demo to support our bid either prior or post before bid award? We have a live health monitoring plan that is very impressive with full reporting details and automatic repair/dispatch services. The demo takes close to an hour is all.  Please provide details and capabilities in your response.  The selection committee will make the determination regarding demos or additional non-printed submissions after initial scoring.
  • Is there a preference on being quoted for Comprehensive Labor and Material, or as Time and Material?
    A:  LCSO prefers a predictable billing model that accommodates most services as a recurring (fixed rate) monthly fee. 

  • In regard to the preventative maintenance, what is the expectation? Does every camera require a physical inspection as the agreed upon cadence, or would an assessment be made from reviewing the cameras with the contact on site to determine which cameras may require attention?
    A:  LCSO expects on-site review, assessment, and maintenance of all in-scope security cameras.  At least monthly, a full review and health assessment will be completed to ensure that all devices are functional and operating at acceptable levels.  Reason